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Thank you for visiting our website. We are fortunate to be part of one of the most exciting changes taking place in the business world: data and analytics.

I started Metric-X in 2000 with the mission to help companies use information technology to improve the metrics that matter to them. It has been an amazing journey, and a privilege to be part of a growing industry, working alongside a team of dedicated consultants, and having clients who have treated us so well.

Helping companies use analytics is what we like to do. This website has been designed for you if:

  • 1. You want something better than Excel and Excel Charts for data analysis, or,
  • 2. You want to increase the use of analytics within your company, or
  • 3. You are considering buying Tableau, or
  • 4. You are interested in a Tableau career

Your time is valuable, so this site is designed to guide you to the information you are looking for, and to decide if you want to speak further with us. We want to earn the privilege of joining you in your journey of competing with analytics.

Saad Shah CEO

Saad Shah

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