Too many people have the job of exporting data from systems into Excel, and then analyzing the data and creating charts in Excel. If this describes you, let us show you how you can save time, improve accuracy and focus on using analytics to drive business results.

Spending too much time in Microsoft Excel?

There are better ways to extract data, organize it and report on it.
Microsoft and other companies have released tools that make data management and reporting easier.
We connect directly to your property management system to extract data into reports.

Interested in an efficient way to do reporting and data analysis?

Take a look at our offers below and get started towards a beautiful future of hands-free, visual reporting.

Five common data problems we solve:

1. Too much time spent creating reports, and not enough time analyzing what the data says
2. Complicated, fragile Excel spreadsheets leading to doubts about data accuracy and maintainability
3. Not having the right reports, or having reports that are usually out of date
4. Charts and tables are bland to look at. Desire to have visually stunning reports.
5. Cannot answer “what-if” questions … the spreadsheets or charts are too inflexible for drilling down, slicing and dicing.

Profile Of Our Clients

We work with property management companies and investors. This is a typical profile of the clients that engage us:

• Title: CEO, COO, CFO, VP, Director.
• Departments: Finance, Acquisitions, Operations, Marketing, Maintenance.
• Company Size: Companies with 2,000 to 10,000 units is our sweet spot
• Pain Points:
o “Lots of data but insufficient information”
o Inability to readily get the reports and metrics required
o Inability to ask “why” once the data is presented
o Team spends too much time preparing reports and doesn’t have time left to gain insights and act on the data

Seven reasons why you should work with us

1. Property Management Focus:
We understand property management systems, their databases and APIs. We have clients in commercial and residential, and we learn from each other.

2. Analytics Expertise:
Taking companies from slow, manual reporting processes to fast, automated, accurate dashboards is something we have done over and over. We know APIs, SQL, Excel, and we know best practices for organizing and protecting data.

3. Confidentiality: We take safeguarding your data seriously. We sign an NDA and have internal procedures to limit data visibility.

4. Coaching and mentoring: We will show you how we simplify data management and reporting so that you can do it yourself

5. Vendor Independence: While we sell and recommend some vendor products, we are under no obligation to sell you tools from any specific vendor. We will tailor the right solution for you.

6. Project Management: Once we are working on your project, you will be kept informed about progress, roadblocks and deadlines.

7. Success: All of our customers become repeat customers. Helping companies see their metrics matters to us. We work with property management companies that are growing, and will recommend solutions appropriate for their size.

Our Partners

Metric-X helps companies manage and analyze their data

Metric-X is a Rent Manager API Partner. We have developed Rent Manager integrations, and have a deep understanding of the Rent Manager API and database.


Tableau is the leading visual analytics product. Metric-X is a Tableau reseller and consulting partner. See the gallery for examples


Metric-X utilizes Microsoft cloud technologies for data management and system integrations. Our team of certified developers understands APIs and cloud technologies


As a member of the National Apartment Association, we stay informed about the needs of growing property management companies.


My name in Saad Shah, and my goal is to bring analytics and data science to innovative property management and real estate development companies.

If your company manages between a thousand and ten thousand leases, I can arm you with data management and data visualization capabilities to drive your business.

If you have silos of data, bulky Excel spreadsheets, and have people spending hours each month compiling data and producing reports, reporting can be made much simpler and better streamlined.

Whether it is having metrics for your weekly meetings, or applying analytics to give you that business edge, the Metric-X team will help you stay ahead.

On this website you will find educational information about metrics, APIs, dashboards and visual analytics. Please take a look, download the PDFs and watch demo videos.

If you are ready to talk, book an appointment now for a free consultation!

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Saad Shah
CEO, Metric- X Analytics


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