March 28, 2013

About Metric-X

Metric-X helps companies manage and understand their data

Our focus is enabling companies to use data intelligently. We help managers manage better by showing them how to pull, organize and view data to drive performance.
We share our knowledge of software, mobile apps and data analysis to help companies simplify their business processes and improve their performance. Metric-X is a Microsoft Partner and a Tableau Partner based in Rochester, Michigan.

The Problems We Solve

Companies approach us when they are looking for help with these kinds of problems:

  • Decisions made with insufficient data
  • Too much time spent collecting and organizing data
  • Complicated spreadsheets
  • Stale reports
  • Difficulty in analyzing data and finding trends

Sharing Data and Process Improvement Knowhow

Metric-X was founded in 2000 by Saad Shah in Detroit, Michigan. Prior to starting Metric-X, Saad worked at EDS and Cambridge Technology Partners. For Saad, the most enjoyable aspect of working at these companies had been taking a business need and turning into a functioning, live system.
Many software professionals find it very intrinsically rewarding to work with clients and team members to design and build a solution, and to then see their clients realize the value from the solution once it is in operation.
Metric-X was founded to bring such people together and create the right working environment so that they could thrive in designing and building solutions. Our mantra from Day One has been to keep things simple: Rapidly deliver projects that yield business value quickly.

Saad Shah has spent 20+ years combining experience in quantitative methods, software development and project management to help companies implement new software systems and raise their data analysis capabilities.

A Winning Approach to Technology Solutions

We have competed for projects against the largest IT services firms, and won. Our value proposition to our clients is that we deliver a full project lifecycle in the right timeframe by focusing on the 80/20 rule and by keeping customizations to a minimum. We work with a very lean footprint. We are well aware of the pressure that traditional consulting firms face trying to keep their teams billable. We try to keep our fixed costs low and focus on providing services that our clients value.

At Metric-X we have a track record of helping companies use data and technology to succeed. We have experience in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and renewable energy sectors. We use project-based and/or staff augmentation models. We have onshore and offshore delivery capability

An Experienced Approach

Our team has experience working for large and small companies. Below is a sampling of companies that our team has done work for on information technology projects, including Business Intelligence, Data Consolidation, Customer Relationship Management, and Custom Software Development:

  • Financial Services: Citibank, Banco Mercantil (Venezuela), Dana Commercial Credit, Kemper Insurance Companies, St. George Bank (Australia)
  • Telecommunications: Ameritech, Axtel Communications (Mexico), BellSouth Ecuador, Telefonica del Peru, Cingular Wireless, OnStar
  • Manufacturing: General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Hayes Lemmerz, General Dynamics
  • Energy: First Solar

Information Technology Advice and Solutions

Metric-X also works with companies as their IT advisor and enabler. We help companies define an IT strategy that that is closely tied to their business plan. We then work with our clients to layout an information technology roadmap for acquiring, implementing and operating the right technology.