March 29, 2013


A Passion for Problem Solving

In August 2000, Saad Shah combined his passion and expertise for designing information systems and started Metric-X, an information technology solutions company. His work experience at several blue chip organizations gave him the confidence to build a boutique technology firm that could offer the strategy and architecture services that large consulting firms traditionally provided.

The types of projects we work on have changed over the years. Initially, we focused exclusively on managing Siebel CRM projects. As our clients became data-rich, our focus turned to helping them manage and analyze their data.

Today, we focus on business intelligence and custom software development, and focus mainly on serving companies in Michigan. In addition to our services, we have recently launched a software product. This product, XLhub, enables companies to simplify business processes that rely on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Scalable Delivery Model

Our business model is designed to enable us to invest in our client relationships. We don’t carry a big bench of consultants that need to be kept busy.

Back in 2002 we realized we could not compete head on with offshore firms, so we focused on developing the skills that aren’t easily offshored: Project Management, Architecture and Business Analysis. We developed several key alliances with firms and subcontractors that provide expertise in specific technical areas. These firms and subcontractors are an extension of the Metric-X team, using common methods and vocabularies, and jointly focusing on helping our clients. Without significant, costly overhead, Metric-X is able to provide expertise and stay focused on providing the best solutions for our clients.

Belief in the Michigan Work Ethic

We recognize the importance of Michigan companies to the economy of the United States. We want to play our part helping the companies of this region be successful. Our role is to keep up with the most practical technology ideas and help our customers apply these ideas intelligently in their businesses. There are thousands of companies in the region that have smart, hard-working people. They need every edge they can get to compete against national and overseas competitors. When it comes to getting an edge through technology, we want to be there to help.

Useful Projects

The Metric-X mantra is to keep things simple by focusing on the 80/20 rule and rapidly delivering projects that quickly yield business value. We tailor the development method in order to balance speed, flexibility and risk. Applying the 80/20 rule effectively for scope management is something our founder, Saad Shah, learned at Cambridge Technology Partners. Today, the use of agile methods and visualization tools has become more widely adopted, and our clients can usually make the tradeoff between expanding scope vs. going live early with a solution.