Tableau in Small Companies

Who Buys Tableau The companies that have purchased Tableau range in size from giant corporations, such as General Motors and Bank of America,  to mid-market companies to sole proprietorships. Through our involvement in the local Tableau User Group, we find that many companies have only one person developing views in Tableau Desktop, and have not purchased any Tableau[…]

Avoiding Analytics Shelfware

Shelfware is software that goes unused or underused after purchase. This blog is about sharing ideas and experiences that you can use to ensure that your Business Intelligence software doesn’t turn into shelfware. Having made countless software sales, I have seen my share of clients who ended up not using the software they purchased. Or,[…]

Definition of “Data Driven”

Being data-driven means that when it comes to making decisions in your business, data is considered along with knowledge, experience and intuition. Relying only on data, as in some baseball stories, is unwise. So is relying only on gut-feel. Data can be misinterpreted in so many ways that it is important to examine it in[…]

Want to Create a Custom Metrics Dashboard?

You might not be able to find an off-the-shelf dashboard that displays the metrics that you want to track. So, it may make sense to have a dashboard custom developed to track the metrics on your business scorecard. Here’s some advice: Since metrics tend to change in importance over time, it is best to not[…]