Manufactured Housing Operational Metrics


Company Profile: Operator of Manufactured Housing operating 8 communities, 1,100 units

Business Challenge:

This client had acquired five communities with a twelve month period, and needed to monitor operational performance using common metrics. The communities were part of two different funds, and some of the metrics had to be displayed at both the community and fund levels.

We developed simple dashboards that utilized gauges, bar charts and gauges to show how their performance relative to targets. The following metrics were calculated and displayed:

  1. COH Occupied Pad % = COH / Total Occupied Pads
  2. COH Total Pad % = COH / Total Pads
  3. Economic Occupancy (%)
  4. Delinquency %
  5. Eviction filings Include court dates to project upcoming vacancies
  6. Homes Occupancy (%)
  7. Lease Rent vs Gross Potential Rent (GPR)
  8. Move In / Move Out
  9. NOI
  10. Operating Expense Ratio (%)
  11. Physical Occupancy (%)
  12. Total Vacant Rent
  13. Utility recovery Trash (%)
  14. Utility recovery Water (%)
  15. Vacancy Loss Actual Value
  16. Vacancy Loss %
  17. Vacancy Units by Type
  18. Vacant COH’s = Vacant COH / Total COHs
  19. Vacant Units % by Type


Metric-X utilized its RentViewer technology and Klipfolio to develop simple, visual dashboards 

RentViewer extracts data from Rent Manager, the property management system, through its API.  

The following Rent Manager reports were extracted: 

  • Report 56 Budget Comparison 
  • Report 72 Market Rent Analysis 
  • Report77 Move In Move Out 
  • Report45 Profit And Loss 12 Months 
  • Report29 Charge Breakdown 
  • Report25 Receipts Breakdown 
  • Report164 Aged Receivables With Notes 
  • Report75 Unit Type Vacancy 
  • Report67 Ren tRol lAnd Recurring Charges 
  • Report70 Rent Roll Analysis 
  • Report74 Vacancy 



The dashboard benefits include: 

  • As can be seen from the above list of reports, automating the data extracts saved considerable manual effort. In fact, the manual effort to run the reports and compile the metrics was so extensive that the metrics weren’t being looked at. 
  • A common set of metrics is available even though the communities are quite distinct in market, size and rents 


  1. RentViewer by Metric-X 
  2. Klipfolio 
  3. API of the Rent Manager Property Management System 

Visualize the Manufacturing Housing Operational Scorecard

RV12 – Manufactured Housing Operational Scorecard For Property Management – Rent Viewer