April 2, 2013

Our Excel Consulting Experience

We have worked with Microsoft Excel in several ways:

  • As users of Excel’s advanced features
  • As Business Intelligence consultants getting decision making data into the hands of executives, and
  • As developers of an Excel add-in (XLhub) which helped us understand Excel from the programming point of view

This variety has given us insight into and appreciation of Excel as a powerful tool for business. Below are some examples of the projects we have done:

  • Developing a Sales & Operations Planning process and model. The solution integrated multiple spreadsheets and also pulled data from the supply chain system
  • Developing a Sales Pipeline tracking spreadsheet for a global company. The spreadsheet included unique requirements for tracking sales contracts and probabilities.
  • Troubleshooting issues with a complex spreadsheet that contained over 50 tabs and numerous links
  • Developed numerous reporting and charting solutions
  • Using Excel as a database utilizing Excel Tables and SUMIFs
  • Integrating Excel with a back-end SQL Server database to create multi-user application
  • Using Solver to develop a production / logistics model