April 2, 2013

Excel Consulting Services

Does Your System Diagram Look Like This?

The diagram below illustrates a common way in which Excel is used throughout companies:

The Risk of Ad-Hoc Use of Excel

Excel is incredibly powerful, but not many people know how to really use it to its potential. With such a vast number of features and functions, it is understandable that most people use only the few formulas and functions that they need for day to day work.

As the use of Excel proliferates within the company, so can potential problems. Our Excel consulting services help companies clean up existing spreadsheet-based processes or develop new spreadsheets and models.

The ad-hoc use of Microsoft Excel can ultimately cause executives to lose confidence in the data that is presented to them. We have been helping clients use Excel to improve productivity and improve data integrity.

Our Consulting Services

We have tailored our Excel consulting services to assist companies getting the most value out of Excel while minimizing the pitfalls. Our services include:

  • Model Development
  • Macro / VBA Development
  • On-call Assistance
  • Automating spreadsheet-based processes

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