Are you thinking about Purchasing Tableau?

We help companies evaluate, buy and use Tableau!

Metric-X doesn’t just sell you Tableau licenses. We help you ensure that your investment in Tableau licenses and services will pay off. We bundle free services (before and after the license purchase) that educate you and build your team’s capability as you transition to visual analytics powered by Tableau.

Our Process is Designed to Deal With the Roadblocks

When it comes to getting value from a leading tool such as Tableau, there are many roadblocks, such as:

* Unusable data
* Inertia (“let’s keep using Excel)
* Lack of executive support
* Unrealistic expectations
* Lack of training time
* Lack of knowledge of Tableau’s features and capabilities

Our pre and post sales process uncovers the roadblocks and includes services designed to minimize their impact. Momentum increases.

9 Reasons to Buy Tableau from Metric-X

1. Free Readiness Assessment (to answer the question “Will you see a ROI if you invest in Tableau?”)

2. Free assistance with evaluating Tableau

3. Free customized training syllabus for your team

4. Free product support after your purchase

5. Free consultation on data extraction and preparation

6. Introductions to get connected to the Tableau community in your metro area

7. License keys managed in online portal

8. Periodic check-in to ensure your company is getting the expected value from Tableau

9. Access to Tableau consultants for short and long-term projects

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5 More Reasons to Work with Metric-X

1. You will always have a number to call for questions and ideas

2. You will be dealing with an analytics developer, not a sales rep

3. We will help you maintain the momentum (towards becoming good at visual analytics)

4. We will show you shortcuts and simpler ways of building your solutions in Tableau

5. We have walked many companies through the Tableau purchase; we’ll help you avoid pitfalls

Your Own Personal Trainer

Imagine if your gym membership price included your own personal trainer. Someone with a pleasant personality who could educate you about nutrition and equipment, and also design a fitness program right for you. Not only that, the trainer will help you stay true to your goals and deadlines, ensuring you are motivated and energized to stay on track.

We are not a gym, but we do understand that good intentions about analytics tend to fizzle out because other stuff gets in the way. Once you fill out that Contact Us form, or call us …. Your chances of becoming a well-informed Tableau user increase significantly.

Once you tell us you are interested in Tableau, we will assign you an analytics consultant at no charge. The consultant, who has hands-on experience in Tableau, Excel, SQL and at least one other Business Intelligence tool, will take you through steps for making an informed Tableau purchase.

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