July 4, 2016

The Tableau Purchase and Ownership Cycle

Stage Goal What You Do What We Offer
1. Curiosity Make decision to try Tableau • Learn about Tableau’s capabilities
• Decide if you want hands-on experience
• Free consultation to answer your questions and demo Tableau
2. Demo Visualize your data in Tableau • Define the information you would like to visualize
• Provide us a data extract (mask the confidential information where appropriate)
• Free development of dashboards based on your data set
• Demo to you and your colleagues
3. Free Trial Get hands-on experience using Tableau Desktop • Install Tableau on your computer (Windows or Mac)
• Get hands-on practice
• We are a phone call away to assist you during your trial
4. Purchase Acquire Tableau Licenses • Justify the purchase of Tableau
• Get approval
• Decide on the product and licensing (Desktop, Server, Online) etc.
• Provide you a written quote
• Process your order
• Issue your license keys
5. Post-Purchase Support Don’t lose momentum • Gain hands-on experience with Tableau
• Set learning goals
• Conduct internal demos
• Note: We provide free support during this stage
• Advise on a learning plan
• Demonstrate key features, solve technical challenges
• Assist with engaging your internal customers
6. Proof of Concept Build useful dashboards for a specific purpose • Set Goal: Build dashboards for a select audience within your company
• Compile, organized the data
• Build the dashboards
• Get User Feedback
• Decide on next steps
• Note: Our support in this phase could be paid or unpaid
• Advise or do: Data preparation, dashboard development
7. Initial Deployment (with Tableau Reader, Server or Online) Publish dashboard to production environment • Finalize requirements
• Design data sources
• Build dashboards
• Deploy working dashboards in “production” environment
• Ensure security
• Conduct training of users
• Support users
• Provide guidance on:
• Options for publishing dashboards
• Automating data refresh
• Training users
• We can also be your first or second tier user support team
8. Broader Acceptance Create the capability to expand use of Tableau in your company • Develop a Tableau “Center of Excellence”
• Streamline the process for adding data sources, creating new dashboards, training new users
• Provide guidance using the Tableau Drive methodology
• Augment your team with specialized skills
• Provide information on Tableau Server, Tableau Online and data source preparation