July 15, 2013

Tableau Developer

We are looking for a Tableau Developer for our analytics projects. The developer will play multiple roles in the conceptualization, development and rollout of business intelligence solutions for our clients.

Metric-X is a Tableau Partner located in Rochester, Michigan.


Position Overview

Location: Metro Detroit

Employment Type: Full-time (will also entertain independent consultants)

Overview: The Tableau developer will play multiple roles, mostly developing reports but also being responsible for administering the server and creating data sources. Prior experience writing SQL and good knowledge of reporting using Excel is also required. An understanding of the data model of one or more ERP systems is a strong plus.



Tableau Desktop:

  • Experience creating advanced visualizations
  • Ability to combine data sources utilizing blending or writing custom SQL
  • Ability to create dashboards with filters and parameters
  • Experience creating calculated columns

Tableau Server:

  • Experience installing and administering Tableau Server
  • Experience troubleshooting performance issues
  • Experience setting security rules


  • Experience writing SQL to join multiple tables
  • Ability to write SQL statements involving aliases, UNIONS, OUTER JOINS, RANK etc.
  • Experience with String and Date functions

Microsoft Excel

  •  Experience creating reports in Excel using functions such as VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, SUMIFS will be very helpful
  • Ability to write VBA is a plus but not required

Business Intelligence Consulting

  • Ability to explain Business Intelligence concepts to users is a plus
  • Ability to demo Tableau and rapidly create Proof of Concepts is required