20 Common Business Problems …

… That can be solved by implementing technology correctly.

 We asked business executives to list the problems they are dealing with. Below are their responses.

Which ones apply to your business?


Reporting and Data

        We don’t have the right reports to understand what is going on in our business

        It is taking too long to get the reports we need

        The data in our reports is incomplete or unreliable

        We spend a lot of time cleaning data before importing it into our systems

        Our people are spending more time preparing the data instead of analyzing the data

        We make decisions on the fly because it is too much effort to pull the data together

Sales and Customer Service

        It takes too long to fill an order

        It takes too long to create a quote

        We don’t know how accurate our quotes are

        Customers are on hold for too long at the call center

        We spend too much time manually entering orders into our system

        We don’t know if our customers are happy

        We don’t know who visits our website

        Large numbers of our direct mail pieces get returned due to bad addresses

        We don’t know who our best customers are


        It takes us too long to close our books each month

        We don’t have a good way of forecasting demand

        We don’t know how we are doing with respect to our key performance metrics

        We don’t know what metrics we should be looking at

        We are using Excel for many things but don’t know if we are using it correctly

        We don’t know the profitability of individual jobs