Want to Create a Custom Metrics Dashboard?

You might not be able to find an off-the-shelf dashboard that displays the metrics that you want to track. So, it may make sense to have a dashboard custom developed to track the metrics on your business scorecard. Here’s some advice:

  • Since metrics tend to change in importance over time, it is best to not commit a big sum to automating their collection and display.
  • Build out your dashboard¬†vision in phases.
  • To get started, we recommend that you set a budget.
  • Discuss with your technology consultants how to make that budget go as far as possible towards automating your metrics scorecard.
  • If, after a few months,¬† you are getting value from your initial investment, consider adding more metrics or more dashboards.

On our Metric Buddy website, we have a post showing a task list for building your own customized metrics dashboard.

This post was a result of requests we have been getting from business owners interested in our QuickBooks dashboard.