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Examples of Dashboards We Can Build For You

Here are examples of dashboards that can be set up for your property management company. You are not limited to only data from your Property Management System. We can connect to multiple systems (and Excel files) to display your metrics. Many options are available for the metrics display format.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

Operational Metrics Dashboard

This is our flagship dashboard. In a very compact, visual format, the health of your property management business can be easily understood. In addition to gauges for the key financial metrics, we use a “single line” to display the Actual and Plan values for each metric, and provide a sparkline to show the current and previous eleven months.

Rent Manager Dashboard – Bronze Edition

The Bronze Edition dashboard is a great starting point for monitoring key metrics. This dashboard uses a variety of chart types to display the performance of your property management business. Imagine the time you would save compiling the data from various reports if you had such a dashboard connected to Rent Manager database. (Click on image to enlarge)

Financial Metrics Dashboard

This dashboard displays selected financial metrics. A variety of visual formats are available. Such a dashboard can be refreshed daily, and can be viewed on the PC, tablet or phone.

Leasing Leader Board

If you’ve got a competitive leasing team, this dashboard will show how each leasing agent is doing relative to their goals. Would you like to see this on a TV in your leasing office?


Leasing Performance Dashboard

Similar to the Leasing Leader Board, this dashboard not only the percent of the goal met, but also the day-by-day goal achievement. (Click on image to enlarge)

Social Media Command Center

Keep an eye on what is being said about your on social media. Display the Social Media Command Center on a TV in your property office and stay plugged in to your tenants and the broader community. (Click on image to enlarge)


Facebook Engagement

Is Facebook an important source of leads? Is it important for managing your reputation? Use the Facebook Engagement dashboard to keep an eye on how effectively Facebook is being utilized to advance your business objectives. (Click on image to enlarge)

Social Media Overview

Instead of logging into each social media account to look at the metrics, use the Social Media Command Center for a consolidated view of key social media metrics. Not only will you save time compiling the numbers, you will have any-time access to the social media metrics that matter. (Click on image to enlarge)


Google Analytics Daily Overview

Stay informed about the top performing pages on your website. Find out which rental listings are being looked at, which pages are getting the most visitors. Google Analytics does not have a good reporting interface, and the Google Analytics Daily Overview is designed to show you the key website metrics you are interested in. (Click on image to enlarge).


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We help companies keep an eye on their key metrics, and I would love to brainstorm how we can help you. Hopefully the dashboard examples on this page have given you an idea of what is possible and created an interested in ordering a custom-built dashboard.

Imagine the benefits of being able to look up the key performance numbers without logging into your Property Management System. Also, dashboards will empower your team to take initiative and focus on monthly and quarterly goals.

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Free Metrics Handbook

The Property Management Metrics Handbook contains almost a 100 metrics for executive and operational performance.​

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