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What does the dashboard look like?
You get to decide what to display in gauges, bar charts, funnels etc. We will design the layout with you and offer recommendations. See some examples here.
How will my data be displayed in the dashboard?
For the Starter and Starter Plus plans, we will provide you an Excel template to enter your metrics. If you sign up for an Automated plan, we will connect to your property management system via its API and pull data into the dashboard.
How will I view my dashboard?
You will be provided a secure URL for logging in and viewing your dashboard. For the phone, you can download an app for an optimum viewing experience.
What if I want to change the metrics or the layout?
After your dashboard has been created, you might decide to change the layout and appearance. This can be done. You can also add/remove metrics or change the way a metric is calculated. Get in touch with us. Once we understand what the change is, we’ll let you know if there’s an extra charge.
What if I want to add more users?
Additional users can be added for a $5 to $10/month. Each user will have their own login. We can also set up data security so that one user does not have the ability to see the data of other users.
What does the Google Analytics Dashboard look like?
See our examples on this page. This dashboard is included in the Starter Plus plan. We connect directly to your Google Analytics account.