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KPI Dashboard Features and Pricing

Compare the features and pricing of the 3 pre-built dashboards. The list of metrics in each dashboard edition is further below.

We can also build a custom dashboard and also provide dashboards for Google Analytics, Social Media Monitoring, Facebook, and others.

Compare Features and Prices

Pre-Built Dashboards 

Bronze Silver Gold
Ideal For Company owners who want at-a-glance view of their key metrics.
Mostly Single Family properties.
Company owners who want at-a-glance view of key metrics and Actual vs Budget numbers Company Executives that want to see metrics by Property Groups and individual Properties.
Company Size Less than 1,000 Units Less than 1,000 Units More than 1,000 Units
Primary User Business Owner CEO, Leadership Team CFO, Regional Leaders
Purpose View overall company metrics Monitor Actual vs Budget for key metrics,
and view overall performance
A Performance Management System
for each property utilizing uniform metrics
Number Metrics 10 20 30
Actual vs Budget Actuals Only Actuals and Budget Actuals and Budgets + Additional Targets
Property-Level Detail By Company By Company
  • By Month
  • By Property
  • By Property Group
  • By Company
Data Sources Rent Manager Rent Manager
  • Rent Manager
  • Excel File
Data Freshness Weekly Weekly Weekly
Data History Previous 12 Months Previous 12 Months Previous 12 Months (Each Property)
  • Setup Charge: $0
  • Monthly Charge: $125
  • Setup Charge: $600
  • Monthly Charge: $150
  • Setup Charge: $1200 to $2000 (depending upon # of properties)
  • Monthly Charge: $200


  • Connected to Rent Manager

  • View from Anywhere

  • One User License 

  • Branded with Your Logo

  • Automated Data Feed

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Weekly Refresh of Data 

  • Visual, Attractive Displays

  • Mobile App

  • Customizable

List of Metrics

Bronze Silver Gold Custom
Level of Detail Company Company Property Property
Month to Date P&L
1. Total Income MTD Gauge X X

Any Metric

2. Total Expense MTD – Gauge X X
3. Rental Income MTD – Gauge X X
4. NOI MTD – Gauge X X
Expenses to Watch X X
5. Expense 1 MTD – Gauge X X
6. Expense 2 MTD – Gauge X X
7. Expense 3 MTD – Gauge X X
8. Expense 4 MTD – Gauge X X
9. Total Income – Bar Chart X X X
10. Total Expense – Bar Chart X X X
11. Rental Income – Bar Chart X X X
12. NOI – Bar Chart X X
Balance Sheet KPI
13. Accounts Payable – Bar Chart X X X
14. Accounts Receivable – Bar Chart X X X
15. Cash on Hand – Bar Chart X X X
16. Undeposited Funds – Bar Chart X X X
Other Metrics
17. Prospects – Line chart X X X
18. Applications – Line Chart X X X
19. Move In / Move Out – Bar Chart X X X
20. Vacancies at Month End – Bar Chart X X X
21. Leases Expiring – Bar Chart X X X
22. Service Tickets X X X
Other Rent Manager Metrics X
Social Media Metrics X
Google Analytics Metrics X
Data from Excel Files X
Data from Other Systems X

Optional Add-Ons

  • Filter by Properties, Property Groups 

  • Customize for display on wall TV

  • Add metrics from Excel files

  • Add more metrics from Rent Manager

  • Preserve History

  • Add more web users

What Determines the Price of a Custom Dashboard?

The price of a custom dashboard depends on factors such as:

  • Number of metrics
  • Data sources (which systems (or files) will the data be pulled from?)
  • Ease of extraction (are the numbers you want already visible in the Rent Manager reports?)
  • Additional calculations required (do any exclusions or adjustments need to be made to the numbers in the reports?)
  • Refresh frequency (weekly, daily, hourly)
  • A Number of users (how many users will be viewing the dashboards? Are they allowed to see each others’ data?)

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