Silver KPI Dashboard

For Rent Manager

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The Silver dashboard is ideal for Rent Manager users with less than 1,000 units that want to monitor Actual vs. Budget.

Leaders of companies that have mostly single family units and a small mix of multifamily and commercial will find the Silver property management dashboard useful.

  • The main difference between the Silver and Gold dashboard is that the Gold dashboard displays metrics for each property. The Silver dashboard displays metrics for the company as a whole.
  • The gauges show data from the Budget Comparison report.
  • NOI will be calculated as per your preference.
  • Four expenses accounts of your choice are included (Expense 1 to Expense 4 gauges).

Dashboard Metrics

Metric Data Source (Report)
Total Income (Gauge) Budget Comparison
Rental Income (Gauge) Budget Comparison
Expense 1 (Gauge) Budget Comparison
Expense 3 (Gauge) Budget Comparison
Total Income P&L
Total Expense P&L
Rental Income P&L
NOI P&L (Calculated)
Accounts Payable Balance Sheet
Accounts Receivable Balance Sheet
Cash on Hand Balance Sheet
Undeposited Funds Balance Sheet
Metric Data Source (Report)
Total Expense (Gauge) Budget Comparison
NOI (Gauge) Budget Comparison (calculated)
Expense 3 (Gauge) Budget Comparison
Expense 4 (Gauge) Budget Comparison
Prospects Prospect List
Applications Box Score
Move In/Move Out Move In Move Out Report
Vacancies Unit Availability Listing
Leases Expiring Summary Rent Roll
Service Tickets Issues List
Units by Type Rental Unit Listing
A/R Aging A/R Aging


Monthly Charge: $125/month (includes $50/month RM API Connection Fee)

Setup Charge None
# of Logins 1
Cancellation Clause 30 Day Notice
Additional Logins $20/month


Data Refresh Weekly
PC Access Yes
Phone / Tablet Access Yes
PDF Output Yes
History Imported 12 Months
Filters None
Accounting Basis Cash or Accrual