September 5, 2017

KPI Dashboard Pricing

See what is in the Bronze and Silver KPI Dashboards below.

Review the pricing and subscribe! 

We can also build a custom dashboard and also provide dashboards for Google Analytics, Social Media Monitoring, Facebook and others.

These are reduced prices valid only during the Rent Manager User Conference (through  10/26/2017)

Dashboard Packages and Pricing

Bronze Silver Custom
Dashboard Fee $75/month $125/month Get Quote
Rent Manager API Connection Fee $50/month $50/month $50/month
Total Subscription $125/month $175/month Get Quote
Included Rent Manager Metrics
1.    Leases Expiring in 10, 30, 60 Days X X Any Metric
2.    Service Manager Issues List (Top 20) X X
3.    Aged Receivables Summary Chart X X
4.    Aged Receivables by Charge Type X X
5.    Vacancy % X X
6.    Vacancy by Unit Type X X
7.    Rent Loss Due to Vacancy X
8.    “Expenses to Watch” Gauges (4 Accounts) X
9.    Total Income, Expense, Net Income X
10.   Vacancy Chart (12 Months) X
11.   Service Tickets Chart (12 Months) X
Other Rent Manager Metrics X
Social Media Metrics  +$45 +$45 X
Google Analytics Metrics  +$45 +$45 X
Data from Excel Files X

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What Influences the Price of a Custom Dashboard

The price of a custom dashboard depends on factors such as:

  • Number of metrics
  • Data sources (which systems (or files) will the data be pulled from?)
  • Ease of extraction (are the numbers you want already visible in the Rent Manager reports?)
  • Additional calculations required (do any exclusions or adjustments need to be made to the numbers in the reports?)
  • Refresh frequency (weekly, daily, hourly)
  • Number of users (how many users will be viewing the dashboards? Are they allowed to see each others' data?)


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