October 8, 2017

RentViewer Analytics Overview

The RentViewer Analytics Platform

RentViewer is an analytics platform for CFOs and Investment Analysts who want to drill into their data to improve business performance


rentviewer analytics value proposition

7 Reasons to Use RentViewer

  1. Reduce the complexity of using many Excel files and keeping them updated
  2. Easily identify patterns, gaps, outliers in your transactions
  3. Drill down from summary to line item level detail
  4. Slice and dice many ways – by Property, by Vendor, by Account etc.
  5. Save time compiling data (connect directly to your property management system and other systems)
  6. Create alerts based on your income or expense transactions
  7. Improve your bottom line by finding new opportunities, unusual expenses or uncollected revenue

How It Works

RentViewer utilizes Metric-X data integration tools to build a reporting database. This reporting database consists of organized data elements that can be utilized in reports and analyses. The diagram below shows the three layers of the RentViewer Analytics platform. On the left are the data source. In the middle is your reporting database. On the right are the reports and dashboards.

RentViewer is custom-built for each customer quickly by using the Metric-X's proprietary and off the shelf software components.

rentviewer analytics overview


RentViewer will be built for your specifications. A custom quote will be provided.

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