December 5, 2017

RentViewer Demo Videos

Here are videos showing the types of analysis that is possible using the RentViewer analytics platform. RentViewer is a customized real estate analytics platform for property management companies that want to visualize and drill down into their data.

Budget vs Actual Demo

See how you can quickly spot variances between Budget and Actual across your property management portfolio, and then drill down to the transaction level.


Market Rent Analysis Report Demo

Visually analyze the variances between Market Rent and Lease Rent for any property and group of properties. Use combinations of scatter plots, Gantt charts and simple tables to see if you are leaving any money on the table and getting close to Gross Potential Rent.



Demo of Multiple Visualizations

In 3.5 minutes, see multiple examples of visualizing your property management data. We show here an Owner’s Report, a map, some charts for analyzing expenses, and finally, a visualization that shows your GL transactions as dots (very useful for auditing and fraud detection).


Service Tickets Analysis

Analyze service tickets to see opportunities for improving service quality, forecasting types of maintenance request. This demo consists of two videos.


Using Interactive Map

View your properties on a map and overlay demographic data as well as property-specific information from your property management system.