October 8, 2017

RentViewer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RentViewer?

RentViewer is a software and data platform that enables companies to do analytics. It reduces complexity of an analytics infrastructure so that property management companies and investment firms can quickly start understanding their data instead of spending months putting together the technology.


Why is RentViewer called a platform?

RentViewer contains the building blocks on which an analytics capability can be developed. There are many different applications of analytics, for example expense analytics, customer service analytics, demographics analytics, occupancy analytics etc. Regardless of what you want to use analytics for, you will need several required components. RentViewer delivers these components.


What are the components of RentViewer?

Any analytics platform consists of the following components:

  • Data Sources: The systems where the data resides (for example, your Property Management System, Excel files, Google Analytics, your maintenance management system etc.)
  • Data Extractor: The software that extracts data from the data sources. This software is set up to automatically connect to your systems on a scheduled basis, and pull recent transactions. Metric-X has written its own software for connecting to APIs and extracting data.
  • Reporting Database: This a central repository of data that combines data from many different sources. The data is cleaned and transformed so that it can be analyzed. For example, in your systems you might have Home Depot stored as HomeDepot, HD, HDepot. This would make reporting inconsistent. So before data is inserted into the Reporting Database, all different occurrences of Home Depot are merged into “Home Depot”.
  • Data Analytics Tool: This the software that you would use to view your charts and drill down into your data. There are many analytics tool on the market. Work with two leading ones: Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau. Depending upon your requirements, we will build your analytics views in one of these tools.
  • System Administration: This is the task of ensuring that all components are working and secure, and that the data warehouse is getting refreshed. We include the system administration function in the price of RentViewer.


Where is RentViewer installed?

All the components of RentViewer operate on the cloud. You don’t need to buy servers or install software on-site. You do have the option of using analytics tools that run on the PC instead of the cloud.


Can I buy RentViewer in parts or all at the same time?

RentViewer enables midsize property management companies to complete on analytics the way companies with much larger staff and budgets do. However, there is no need to build it all at once. We recommend a phased approach. Buy only what you need and then expand as needed. Most companies initially connect to their property management system, and then add other system later. In the initial rollout, a limited number of high-value reports are built. More reports and added after as the apatite for analytics grows.


I don’t see myself slicing and dicing data, can someone else do that for me?

Absolutely! We offer a “done for you” analytics service where we set up all the RentViewer components, and also perform the analytics. You provide us the questions you want to answer with data.