April 1, 2013

Working With Us

Point of View: Buy-in is Essential

It takes more than just software and hardware for companies to use Business Intelligence systems to compete. There needs to be an executive vision, a set of performance targets, and a culture of employing data to inform decision making.

We tailor our approach based on how mature your organization already is in using Business Intelligence. We recognize that buy-in from those who are expected to use the Business Intelligence solutions is critical, and structure our engagements to avoid building things that won’t get used.

Not all projects involve writing software, and we have several Business Intelligence services to offer. If you are interested in engaging us, we will present you a proposal for meeting your requirements.

On-site vs Off-site Work

Since buy-in is so critical to BI success, the human element during projects cannot be emphasized enough. For our strategy and metrics definition work, we recommend an on-site format. For these, we conduct workshops, do “walk in their shoes” needs analysis, and jointly create visual examples of the outputs.

After the foundation has been established, the BI roadmap typically splits into smaller design and development projects. We don’t recommend one large enterprise data warehouse implementation. Achieving the overall vision through a series of related projects is less risky, and value can be demonstrated early and momentum can be gained on getting buy-in.

The Business Intelligence development projects can frequently be done with remote teams that remotely connect to your computing environment. This lowers the cost for our customers while ensuring our technical leaders are available to the development teams for checkpoints and reviews.