March 29, 2013

The Case for Business Intelligence

Imagine flying an airplane with the instruments covered

Imagine you are flying an airplane and the instrument panel is covered. You are not able to see how fast you are flying, how much fuel you have left, whether you are flying in the right direction, or view any other metrics that are important for making your trip.

Similarly, we find that there are some executives who don’t have easy access to vital information for running their companies. They don’t have an instrument panel that quickly tells them their key performance indicators.

What do you want your dashboard to tell you?

Which metrics do you need to know to run your business? Just as a pilot can quickly glance at the instruments, are you able to readily look at your metrics?
Below are some examples of dashboards that may be useful to an executive. When such up-to-date information is instantly visible, employees are able to set their priorities and proactively address issues.

Sample Dashboard #1

Sample Dashboard #2