April 2, 2013

Working With Us on Excel Consulting Services

If you have a quick question about using Excel, just give us a call.
For more involved work we will quote you a price and formally carry out the work. We can either work remotely or on-site. You can engage us for a few hours to a few weeks of work.
After understanding your needs, we will provide you a proposal for our services. Excel Consulting services are normally billed on a time & material basis.


We understand that we may come across confidential information in your spreadsheets that we work on. We sign confidentiality agreements and also take measures to ensure your data is kept private. In previous engagements we have been privy to confidential sales data, salary data and profitability numbers. We exercise discretion.


If you decide to engage us for Excel consulting, we will provide you a proposal with the sections below:

  1. Our understanding of your needs
  2. Project Goals
  3. Deliverables
  4. Acceptance Criteria
  5. Customer Responsibilities
  6. Metric-X Responsibilities
  7. Assumptions
  8. Estimated Hours
  9. Hourly Bill Rate
  10. Start / End Dates
  11. Payment Terms