March 29, 2013

IT Strategy Services

When to Conduct an IT Strategy Engagement

Tell-tale signs that you should use a part-time CIO include:

  • If your company is undergoing rapid growth and you don’t want IT to become a bottleneck
  • You suspect you are not getting value for the money you spend on IT
  • You have bold ideas for using technology to compete and would like to ask an expert
  • Your company can’t afford an IT systems outage, and you want someone to proactively identify vulnerabilities
  • Interfacing the accounting and inventory system

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The benefits of engaging us for IT Strategy include:

  • Avoiding costly mistakes when purchasing or implementing new systems
  • Realizing intelligent and innovative ways to use IT for operating your business
  • Spending money on IT at the right level
  • Avoiding business outages due to hardware or software failure or breach

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Our Expertise

We have provided strategic technology advice to large and small companies. For example, we:

  • Defined the customer service technology architecture for a tech company before it experience hyper growth (VMware)
  • Created the IT strategy for a manufacturing company before (and during) it grew ten-fold in size
  • Defined the business intelligence roadmap for a global automotive supplier as it consolidated multiple systems to provide common reports and metrics (Hayes Lemmerz)
  • Provided strategic on-going advice to smaller companies as they created flexible processes aided by “information at the fingertips” mindset
  • Conducted an assessment for an energy startup that was dealing with low adoption of its core internal applications and complaints from users. Identifed bottlenecks in their software development processes and make recommendations for improving the user experience and increasing development capacity.

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Working With Us

Here is what you can expect if you decide to use our IT Strategy Services:

  • Use of our toolkit of questionnaires, checklists and templates for analyzing processes, people and technology
  • Predictable, repeatable process for evaluating your situation and providing recommendations
  • Well defined proposals and acceptance criteria for our services

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