April 2, 2013

Our Approach for Providing CIO Services

This page describes our method for providing our services to our customers.

We have defined processes for most of the services we deliver. This enables our customers to have a clear idea of what to expect from us and to proactively tailor our services as it would best suit our customers.

IT Strategy:

We normally fix-price the IT Strategy engagement. The engagement consists of several “workshops” where we:

  • Identify the changes in your business landscape 1 to 3 years out
  • Look at the strengths and gaps in your most important business processes (e.g. order management, lead generation, e-commerce, job quotation etc.)
  • Look at your technology architecture and the assets that need to be refreshed
  • Draft a roadmap showing the initiatives that will be undertaken to ensure that your information technology capability enables your company to realize its business objectives

The output of the IT Strategy engagement, in addition to the insights gained through discussions and research, is a written plan that you can roll into performance objectives for your managers and use for initiating future projects.

IT Assessments:

IT Assessments can be fixed-priced or charged on a time & material basis. We will provide you a cost estimate or a not-to-exceed price in our proposal. We will also spell out what aspects of your business we will evaluate, who we will meet with, what we will survey and research.

Retainer-Based CIO:

This is the most ad-hoc of our services since it our customers who determine how and when they wish to utilize our knowledge and contacts. We would typically agree on a monthly retainer amount that is paid regardless of how much you utilize our time. The value is reflected in having access to the right knowledge and expertise at the time you need it.