April 2, 2013

Your Part-Time CIO on a Retainer or Project Basis

What is a CIO?

CIO stands for Chief Information Officer. Large companies, and many midsize companies employ a full-time CIO who is responsible ensuring that the company is using information technology appropriately to operate the business as well as to innovate and cut costs. See here for the job description of a CIO.

What Are CIO Services?

Just as some firms hire part time experts for tax planning, financial planning and auditing, some firms also hire a part-time Chief Information Officer. The services offered by Metric-X include:

IT Strategy Definition:

Metric-X works with your executive team to define a game plan for using information technology for achieving the objectives laid out in your business plan. This is a proactive approach for anticipating the changes in your operating environment over a 1 to 3 year timeframe, and ensuring that you have the right systems and interfaces in place to run your business. We have a toolkit consisting of templates and spreadsheet models for creating a roadmap for you. See here for more information on IT Strategy.

IT Assessment:

Metric-X will do an assessment to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your IT capability. We use questionnaires and checklists to perform the assessment. We interview your team, perform spot checks of your systems and observe some processes. We provide you a report with our findings and recommendations.

IT Management:

We are available to you on an as-needed basis for any questions or assignments. Our customers typically give us assignments such as evaluating technology purchases, designing processes, recruiting talent or giving a second opinion on decisions they are considering.

Who Uses CIO Services?

The Chief Information Officer services are appropriate for companies that meet one or more of these conditions:

  • The company is undergoing rapid growth and doesn’t want the IT systems to become a bottleneck
  • The executives are concerned that they are not getting value for all the money they spend on IT
  • Companies that have bold ideas for using technology to compete, but are not sure where to start or would like some help
  • Companies that can’t afford an outage of their systems and want someone to identify vulnerabilities for mitigating risks

What Expertise Does Metric-X Have?

Metric-X has provided strategic technology advice to large and small companies. Examples include:

  • Defining the technology architecture for customer service for VMware before the company experienced rapid growth because of their hit products
  • Creating an IT strategy for First Solar before the company grew ten-fold
  • Defining a business intelligence roadmap for Hayes Lemmerz when the company needed to consolidate multiple systems around the world and provide a “single version of the truth” on the performance of its various plants and product lines
  • We have also provided strategic on-going advice to smaller companies as they created flexible processes aided by “information at the finger tips” mindset