April 2, 2013

What to Expect When Working With Us

This page describes how you can engage our services and what to expect while utilizing our CIO services.

The Sales Process

During our initial discussions, we will ask a lot of questions about your business objectives, company culture, key initiatives, your past experience with IT and what you see as your strengths and challenges. You will get to know our capabilities and can decide specifically what help you would like from us.

We prefer well-defined vs open-ended projects. If all the required work cannot be known at the beginning, we will break the known work into a series of projects that have a clear scope.

For each project, we will present you a proposal that will consist of the following sections:

  • Our Understanding of Your Needs
  • Engagement objectives
  • Engagement Deliverables
  • Customer Responsibilities
  • Metric-X Responsibilities
  • Assumptions
  • Price (either hourly rate, fixed price or retainer fee)
  • Start / End Dates
  • Payment Terms

After your approval, the work will commence.

How We Charge for Our Work

We use several models for charging for our services:

  • Hourly bill rate (time & material)
  • Fixed Price (we quote you a fixed prices for the deliverables in the proposal)
  • Retainer (we charge you a monthly fee and you can have access to us on an ad-hoc basis for a pre-determined amount of time during the engagement period)