December 6, 2016

Rent Manager Custom Software Development

We develop customizations for Rent Manager® 

We provide Rent Manager integration services to property management companies that would like to:

  • Create custom Rent Manager reports and analytics
  • Streamline their processes
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Develop new applications for their tenant and prospects


Do you use Rent Manager?

Metric-X is a Rent Manager API Partner located in Rochester, Michigan.

We have the capability to extend Rent Manager functionality by building applications that interact with Rent Manager (see below our featured client, United Apartments). You can utilize our capabilities to:

  • Create create property management reports based on Rent Manager and external data
  • Provide enhanced services to tenants and owners
  • Automate data entry into Rent Manager
  • Innovate new ideas for streamlining your processes
  • Automate process to reduce paper or Excel spreadsheets

Rent Manager Custom Solutions

See below some solutions we have created that work with Rent Manager

Five Reasons Why You Should Work With Metric-X:

  1. We are a Rent Manager API Partner. That means we know the technology
  2. We have an excellent record of developing quality software applications
  3. Customer service and project management are our key strengths
  4. We will provide you a detailed estimate for any work you require
  5. Consultations are always free!

Simplify your processes rapidly by working with us!


Featured Rent Manager Project

Described below is a project we completed.

Customer’s Goals:

United Apartments, in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, hired us to develop an application to manage parkinMetric-X, a Michigan software companyg in their apartment communities. The customer uses Rent Manager, and wanted to ensure that their tenants had a positive
parking experience. They wanted to:

  • Ensure that there was no parking congestion on their properties
  • Ensure that only authorized vehicles parked on the properties
  • Ability to issue parking permits, guest passes and also cite vehicles for parking violations
  • Ability to look up vehicle information by entering the license plate number into a mobile phone


The Solution:

We developed a .NET application that interfaces directly with Rent Manager. The parking application fetches basic tenant and vehicle information on a daily basis from Rent Manager. This captures all adds and deletes, and eliminates the need for data entry.

We developed the capability to create and print guest passes, temporary passes and violations. The application can also be viewed on the mobile phone (iPhone, Android), and the ability to look up license plate information on the phone has been extremely useful.

Our Software Development Process:

We met to understand United Apartment’s business goals, and then created a “visual prototype”. This visual prototype gave the customer a very clear idea of how the application would look and behave. They were able to ask for changes to the prototype to suit their business priorities. Once the prototype was finalized we wrote the code, developed the application, tested it, and deployed it on the customer’s server.


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