April 18, 2013

Build or Reorganize Data Sources

The state of the data sources eventually becomes a limiting factor for the type of data analysis that can be performed.

We have worked with clients whose data was spread out in several disjointed data sources, including SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Excel and various .CSV files that were manually generated by using the “Export to Excel” feature of their accounting software. Not only was the data fragmented, the columns could not easily be joined because names were spelled differently, different codes were used in different systems or data was missing for known time periods.

If this describes your situation, you might find yourself spending more time preparing the data for analysis than actually doing the analysis and finding gems of information.

There is hope! The Metric-X team has skills required for many different tasks for streamlining the supply of data for your analysis. These skills include Excel expertise for matching and scrubbing data, ability to write SQL as well as the use of tools for data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL).

We can conduct an evaluation of your data sources and provide you recommendations and cost estimates for making incremental improvements.

Metric-X is a Tableau Partner in located in Michigan.