April 18, 2013

Learn About Tableau Server

It doesn’t take long before other colleagues start asking to use the interactive reports that are created using Tableau Desktop.

When there is sufficient demand for the reports, a decision needs to be made about investing in Tableau Server. Tableau Server makes it possible to distribute the analytical capability throughout the organization. Tableau Server offers these key capabilities:

  • Ability to publish interactive reports to a web page for access by colleagues
  • Ability to publish interactive dashboards that display key metrics
  • Security features to control who in the company can view which reports or dashboards

The users who are only interested in viewing the data and are not performing any data anlaysis or report authoring will require a special type of license for accessing the reports on the server. They do not need to install any software on their computers.

The diagram below displays the major elements of a Tableau deployment.

Tableau Architecture 900X390

Metric-X’s Michigan-based business intelligence consulting services enable you to deploy Tableau server and optimize the value from your investment in Tableau. Our consulting services are tailored to provide Michigan midmarket business powerful analytic capability and a complete business intelligence system consisting of:

  • Web dashboards and applications
  • Secure information management
  • Enterprise scalability