We are the Outsourced Analytics Team for Small and Midsize Companies

You need your data in one place so that your team doesn’t create islands of spreadsheets.

We take care of the technical stuff!


Chief Financial Officers

CFOs hire us because they want good clean data to drive decision making across the company.

We bring efficiency and velocity to:

  • Financial and operational reporting
  • Month-end closing (with our General Ledger visualizer and interactive reports)
  • Budgeting, forecasting and planning (using our XLhub Excel add-in)

We work in the background to pull data from systems, add it to the data warehouse, and build dashboards and visualizations.

And we also help ensure user adoption of new dashboards and analytical capabilities.


IT Directors

IT Directors want a vendor who is deep on technology, competitive on price and based in the U.S.

Data Analytics is our specialty. We build point-to-point solutions, pull and push data between APIs, and build data-centric technology solutions.

We understand you have to protect your data. We will follow you security guidelines and comply with your IT standards.


Analytics Strategy & Adoption

Analytics Strategy

Analytics Business Case

Visioning, Buy-In and Adoption


Software Development


API connectors

Custom Applications

Excel to SQL Integration


Custom SQL

Power BI Development

Tableau Development

Klipfolio Development

Data Warehouses

Cloud Data Warehouse

Design and Development

Data Warehouse Operation



Sample Projects

Here are examples of a few solutions we have designed, developed and deployed

Salesforce Snapshot Reporting

A company that uses Salesforce was noticing that their sales forecast changed significantly from month to month. They needed a way to trace the changes for better accountability and planning.

We solved the mystery using Salesforce’s reporting snapshot feature and Tableau. Now, any sales rep who replaces a forecast quantity for an opportunity knows that the prior values will be preserved for comparison.

NetSuite Data Warehouse

There’s a gold mine of data in NetSuite, but the analytics aren’t so great.

We solved that by utilizing the NetSuite connector and pulling data into the data warehouse.

Floor Plan Visualization

A leasing team for a mall operator wanted to show floor plans by store category and traffic.

We took floor plan coordinates from the architect firm and overlaid them with the lease data from MRI. Now the leasing team can see a birds-eye-view the stores shaded by Sales PSF, Rent PSF and more.

Rent Manager Data Warehouse

Rent Manager has an excellent API that allows access to lots of reports.

We built a Data Warehouse by writing API connectors and building a data model optimized for analytics. See https://rentviewer.com for more information.

Entrata Dashboards

A multifamily operator was tired of having to manually  update their metrics scorecard each week from Entrata.

We connected their scorecard to the Entrata API and scheduled automatic refreshes. Now they can look at P&L data, resident retention, box score and more metrics without exporting to Excel.

Yardi Power BI Dashboard

A multifamily operator wanted to visualize metrics from Yardi but not have to pay for expensive Yardi Business Intelligence add-ons.

We built a simple solution with Power BI and Excel exports that refreshes daily. The latest metrics are visible on large TVs in the corporate office.

General Ledger Analytics

A CFO wanted to take control of expenses and see where every dollar was going.

We connected Tableau to the General Ledger data (via an API connector). Now the customer can visualize where money is being spent, see trends, find outliers and wrongly coded expenses. Learn more about the Expense Visualizer.

Journal Entry Posting

A company wanted to post transactions from a Point of Sale system into the General Ledger. The volume was hundreds of transactions per day.  

We automated the posting of journal entries by writing an API that pulls a CSV file from a sFTP site, It converts the CSV to JSON, and makes post calls to the accounting system API to post journal entries. Includes good logging and error handling as well.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Most of our customers want to avoid emailing Excel files back and forth and losing track of versions.

We built XLhub, an Excel addin, to streamline the planning, budgeting and forecasting processes for many companies. XLhub enables writing data from Excel to a SQL database.

Sales & Operations Planning

A customer wanted to compare product availability from their factories and demand from customers. The information sat in many different systems.

We built a Sales & Operations Planning system that allows comparison of the production forecast and sales forecast, and highlights gaps and oversupply situations. Planners can make fast decisions to keep the factories humming and customers getting their shipments on time.


We specialize in moving, organizing and visualizing data.

We offer full lifecycle capabilities: Visioning, Enterprise Architecture, Software Development, Go Live and Operations.

We are based in the U.S. and are easy to work with.



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