March 29, 2013

Guiding Principles

Metric-X was founded on a set of four guiding principles that serve as the basis for the interactions we have with the people we come into contact with, including current and prospective clients, partners, employees and acquaintances:

We need to be open to diverse people and ideas. We have worked with people with many different work experiences, education levels, cultural backgrounds and life experiences, and have been enriched by it. We would have missed out on some special relationships and great ideas if we were insular or assumed people needed to fit a certain mold.

Open Doors, Open Minds

Being part of a successful business is a privilege, and it is also an obligation to help others be successful. Whether we are being asked by a client to do something at the 11th hour, or a job seeker asking for an introduction, or a someone looking for career advice, we should see such interactions as a gift, an opportunity to be of service to others.

Being Asked for Help Is a Gift

We define success as being able to enjoy the journey. Metric-X, the business, is a vehicle for enabling our associates to achieve their goals. Through our work at the company, we should be able to develop our career skills, work towards our financial goals, contribute to society, and help others achieve their goals. The company will be financially successful if we create the right environment for our people to develop themselves, take care of our customers and do good in the world.

Success Comes from Doing the Right Things for Right Reasons

Whether personally or professionally, we seek to help others around us achieve their goals. We tend not to have transactional relationships. For example, an IT manager for whom we are doing a project is not just a someone managing one Statement of Work. The IT manager is a person with objectives, and we need to see ourselves as a team that can help the manager achieve some of those objectives. The same applies to people looking for advice, contacts and opportunities.

We Get What We Want When We Help Other People Get What They Want

These guiding principles are an important component of the way we do business at Metric-X. When we take the time to develop a vested and genuine interest in our clients and their companies, the results are mutually beneficial and personally and professionally fulfilling.