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Your Property Management Dashboard

If you have set targets for Net Income, Occupancy Rates, Tenant Retention and Delinquency…

but you have no accurate system to measure progress against key metrics…

how do you know whether you are on track to meet your business goals?

Even though you run reports regularly…

they never quite deliver the information you really want…

and you’re never quite sure whether you’re on track or off track…

or what levers you can pull to change your results for the better…

because “out of the box” reporting packages don’t seem to be designed to meet your needs…

maybe it’s time to think outside the box.

We did…

We created the property management dashboard…

designed to report on the key metrics that really matter to you, in your unique business (without investing a small fortune in custom development)… SIMPLE!

Here’s what the property management dashboard looks like

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Connect to These Property Management Systems

Do you use any of these systems? Let us automate and simplify the updating of your metrics.

Order a Custom Dashboard

We build custom property management dashboards and analytics solutions using Tableau, Power BI and Klipfolio. These options cover most price points and features requested by our customers.

How does the Property Management Dashboard work?

  • Our dashboards are web-based, and they connect to your property management system and other systems (using an API).
  • The data is presented in concise visual charts that show trends or performance to targets
  • The data in the dashboard is refreshed at a defined frequency

How to Get Your Own Property Management Dashboard:

  • Book a demonstration
  • Tell us which property management system you use
  • Most property management systems enable data pulls via an API
  • Select the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that you want to monitor
  • Set the targets (for example, when should your Net Income Gauge show Red, Yellow, and Green)
  • Leave the rest to us to set up your property management dashboard.

How Much Does a Property Management Dashboard Cost?

  • The cost is driven by the complexity of the automated connection, how frequently the data needs to be refreshed (weekly, daily, hourly etc.), and the types of metrics desired

Download Now!

The Property Management Metrics Handbook contains almost a 100 metrics for executive and operational performance.​

Download the handbook for ideas!​