Three Months After Buying Tableau

How much value will you see three months after you buy your first Tableau Desktop License?
There are three possible scenarios: Hot, Warm, Cold. It is possible to predict the most likely scenario for your company.


1. Hot: Great Interest, Great Value!
i) The initial set of dashboards were a hit
ii) There’s a demand for more analyses and more dashboards
iii) Your company is looking to buy more Tableau licenses

2. Warm: Solo Effort. Some Value
i) You frequently use Tableau (are probably using 10% of its power)
ii) You share your analyses with a few peers
iii) Some value is being realized, and things are likely to remain this way

3. Cold: Stuck
i) You stopped using Tableau for data analysis (for any number of reasons)
ii) You’ve got 9 months remaining in your first-year Tableau maintenance, but you don’t have the time, need or knowhow to get the value you originally expected from Tableau
iii) Data analysis continues to be done with Excel Pivot Tables and Excel Charts or other tools, or not done at all

It is possible to predict the most likely outcome before purchasing Tableau.