RentViewer Report Examples

This page shows examples of RentViewer reports displayed visually. These are interactive reports displayed on a web page where the user can filter and sort the data.

Expense Analysis Report

This report is based on data from the Rent Manager General Ledger report. Here we are focusing on understanding expenses by criteria such as date, property, GL Account etc.

Geographic Analysis

We took the Rent Manager Rental Unit Listing report, obtained the latitude and longitude of the properties, and plotted them on the map. In the lower panel of the report, we are showing a chart of the Rental Income by month for each property.

General Ledger Transaction Analytics

The two reports below enable drilling down into General Ledger transactions. Each dot in the upper chart is a GL transaction. The color represents the property it was charged to. The lower panel shows each transaction detail.

The chart below shows the transactions highlighted for the selected property.

Here we are highlighting the transactions of a selected property.

Service Manager Tickets

The report below is based on Service Manager data. It shows the trends in ticket volumes as well as the types of issues.

Market Rent Analysis

The report below visually displays the data from the Rent Manager Market Rent Analysis report. In the pane on the upper right, we are able to see the Market Rent vs. Lease Rent by the property. The Gantt chart in the upper right section shows the leases start/end dates.

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