Entrata Scorecard

Company Profile

Developer and Operator of Multifamily Properties in Kansas, Missouri and Utah


Business Challenge

The executive team had adopted the EOS® methodology for running their business. They had defined a scorecard of metrics that they review weekly. Manually compiling the scorecard involved running several reports from Entrata and entering the metrics manually into an Excel workbook.

Since there were more than 15 properties and 10 metrics to enter into Excel each week, updating the scorecard was laborious and prone to errors. The scorecard for each property was maintained in a separate Excel file, so there was a proliferation of files as well.



Now, the scorecard is updated automatically. Metric-X extended the RentViewer architecture to pull data from Entrata. The customer now has an automated Entrata Scorecard.

The following reports are extracted from the Entrata API.

  • P&L Budget vs Actual
  • Box Score
  • Resident Retention

Data from these reports saved to the Data Warehouse. Customer continues to use Excel for displaying the Scorecard. Metric-X created “data connections” within Excel to pull the Entrata data directly into the scorecard.


EOS® and Traction are trademarks of EOS Worldwide. Entrata is a trademark of Entrata, Inc.


Metrics Displayed

  1. Rental Income
  2. Other Income
  3. Controllable Expenses
  4. Controllable Net Operating Income
  5. Occupancy First Day of Month
  6. Occupancy Last Day of Month
  7. Traffic Needed to Achieve Leasing Goal
  8. # Leases
  9. Utility Expenses
  10. Lease Renewals/Retention Ratio



As a result of this project, the customer is realizing several short and long term benefits:

  • Management team can view up-to-date information and take corrective action faster
  • Asset management team no longer has to spend time manually updating the Excel scorecard files and maintain many different spreadsheet files
  • The weekly scorecard review meetings are more productive because teams can focus on addressing variances because they can review the scorecards prior to arriving at the meetings
  • Customer now has a data warehouse that can be utilized for data visualization and analytics
  • The data is more secure and controlled because it flows directly from Entrata into the Azure SQL database (and there are no intermediate Excel files!)



  1. Entrata API
  2. RentViewer Entrata Connector
  3. SQL Azure
  4. Excel

Refreshing the scorecard with the latest month to date numbers from Entrata requires clicking on the “Refresh All” button in the Excel data menu.


More Information

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