Mobile Application for Parking Violations

Industry : Real Estate / Property Management

Business Challenge: Client manages apartment communities and wanted to reduce the parking violations. Residents, guests and others who park in the wrong space cause inconvenience for other residents. Citing a vehicle for a parking violation required an employee to write down the license plate and other information, and then go to the office to type up the incident. This was time-consuming, had to be done during the hours the office was open and was a distraction to the employee who had other things to attend to (such as unlocking a resident’s door, fixing the plumbing or mowing the lawn).

Solution: Metric-X developed a mobile application for writing up the parking violation. Now, the employees of the apartment community can simply photograph the vehicle with their smartphones, enter the license plate number and other details into the phone application, and push the information to the central system.

Benefits: Parking violations have been significantly reduced because the management can respond within minutes. This leads to a higher satisfaction among residents who can be confident that their parking spot will be empty when they return from work or running errands.

Approach: The parking application was developed in MVC on the .NET Framework 4.0. Using Phone Gap, the Android and iOS versions were easily generated and optimized for the mobile browsers. A .NET interface was also developed to the Rent Manager property management software ( for pulling in the required tenant and property information. The information obtained from Rent Manager is persisted in a SQL Server database.

Tools :
SQL Server
.NET Framework 4.0 (MVC)
Phone Gap