Rebate Processing

Industry: Manufacturing

Business Challenge: To respond to market dynamics, the client decided to offer rebates to its customers. Complex business logic needed to be applied to calculate the correct rebate amount. Furthermore, the rebates needed to be reflected accurately in the invoices and credit notes in the ERP system.

Solution: A web application containing a rules manager was developed. The application contained three main subsystems: Claims Processing, Rules Engine, and ERP Interface. Validations were built-in to ensure that the correct rebate amounts were applied to each rebate claim.

Benefits: The rebate rules could be maintained in a single application and new rules could be defined and tested conveniently. There was a high level of confidence that the rebates were being applied correctly.

Approach: We conducted a buy-vs-build analysis for a rules engine, and decided to proceed with a custom built solution. Developed the claims processing and rules engine as a .NET application. Initially created a pilot using Excel and cut over to a web application as requirements were better defined.

The rules engine involved fairly complex logic and a creative user interface.

Tools :

NET Framework 3.5
SQL Server 2005