Small Business CIO

Industry : Manufacturing

Business Challenge : A growing small business (< $20 million in sales) wanted to leverage technology intelligently but did not want to hire a full-time CIO. They wanted to put in place systems to enable them to earn and maintain key industry certifications (SAE AS9100B, ISO-9001:2000 and MIL-I-45208A).

Solution : Metric-X was engaged as their part-time CIO. We helped define key business processes, developed technology architecture, helped create their internal IT department, select vendors for specialized tasks, and conducted periodic reviews of their IT capability.

Benefits : Client sees Metric-X as an extension of their team. They are able to call our time in training expertise as needed without having to invest time in training us on their business processes. They also don’t have to carry expense.

Approach : This has been a highly collaborative process based on trust. It required the Metric-X team to learn to walk in the client’s shoes and propose solutions that were scalable and practical to implement.