Tax Assessment Planning

Company Profile : Commercial Real Estate (Retail) with property in many jurisdictions

Business Challenge :

The Tax Department of the company had a very manual process for presenting their case for the accurate property tax to be assessed. Before each meeting with a Tax Assessor, many reports had to be run and data had to be compiled manually.

Solution: Metric-X developed “information packets” using Tableau for each property. These information packets were displayed on an iPad or Microsoft Surface device and could be used to flip through key information relevant for discussion with Tax Assessors.

Benefits :
These tablet-based packets provided the following value :

  • Saved time preparing for each meeting by taking out manual tasks
  • “Standardized” the information that needed to be compiled, so the packets didn’t have to be unique for each property
  • Reduced paper usage and the chance of an out-of-date version of a document being used
  • Revisions, especially last-minute changes to the packets could be made easily
  • Calculations were automated and could be reviewed in case of audits


  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • MRI
  • iPad and Microsoft Surface