The RentViewer Analytics Workshop is the simplest way to get results from analytics

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Analytics Workshop

What is the RentViewer Analytics Workshop?
  • The RentViewer Analytics Workshop is the simplest way to see results from analytics
  • The workshop is a joint effort that combines your business knowledge with our data management and data analysis expertise.
  • The goal of the workshop is to answer a set of questions using data extracted from your systems
  • The questions can be on any topic of your choice
Why is it called a “workshop”?
  • It is called a workshop because it involves some work.
  • You will need to prepare questions, review the analysis and draw conclusions.
  • We do the data prep, build the reports and work with you to explore the data
Why does it have “RentViewer” in the name?
  • The technology that drives the workshops is our RentViewer platform, a collection of softwares and data designed for analysis of real estate data
  • RentViewer is able to connect to property management systems or import data from Excel and other sources
What happens in the Workshop?
    • There are typically three meetings :
    • Meeting #1: Planning
      • Agenda :
        • We work with you to determine what questions you want to be answered from your data
      • Duration: 1 hour
      • Method: WebEx
      • Meeting #2: Analytics Session
        • This meeting happens after the Metric-X team has received your data, imported it into RentViewer, and prepared the analysis to address your questions
        • During the meeting we will visualize the data, look at patterns, drill down into interesting data points, and try to understand what story the data is telling
        • Duration: 2 to 4 hours
        • Method: WebEx
        • Meeting #3: Review, Conclusion
          • This meeting follows up on the analytics session and we jointly summarize the findings
          • Any action items from the prior meeting are addressed before this meeting, and the key reports are reviewed again
          • Follow up tasks are defined
          • The workshop is concluded
          • Duration: 2 to 4 hours
          • Method: WebEx
What preparation is required?
          • Decide what topic you want to focus on
          • Make a list of questions
          • Give us access to the data that will be analyzed
What if our data is a mess?
          • Let’s look at how usable your data is for analysis
          • We can clean the data in many cases
What if our data is hard to get at?
          • The best option for us is to connect RentViewer to your data via a direct database connection or an API
          • If that’s not an option, we should try to export data to Excel
          • Even if there are a lot of Excel files, we can stitch them together and make an unified dataset
We already use Excel … isn’t that enough?
          • Many companies have the best tools but they don’t use them
          • This is like the situation where many people have gym memberships but don’t get the results until they join a class or start working with a trainer
          • The companies that work with us have tried internally to get the ball rolling but stalled. They concluded that having Metric-X as a coach and partner is better
What does it cost?
          • The cost of the workshop is $2,500
          • This includes the three sessions described above and the data preparation work we have to do
          • Just a few interesting findings from the workshop more than pay for the cost
What is included in the cost?
          • Database Setup
          • Report Development
          • Data Analysis
          • Planning Session
          • Analytics Session
          • Review/Conclusion Session
What is the technology behind the process?
          • RentViewer has been built using the C# language and the SQL Server database
          • We use Tableau or Power BI for the data analysis
Do you have examples of what we will see in the workshop?
            • Below are some examples…
How much of my time will the workshop take?
            • It can take 4 to 10 hours of your time, depending on how much analysis you want to do
            • Above we described the 3 meetings that are part of the workshop
            • After the review/conclusion, you will need to decide on an action plan to apply what you learned from the analytics


Our solutions are built on the RentViewer  software. RentViewer connects to data sources (such as Property Management Systems, other systems and Excel files), collates the data and enables the creation of Executive Dashboards, Custom Reports and Analytical Solutions

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