7 Questions from Rent Manager Customers

Metric-X presented at the Rent Manager Tech Tuesday on June 6, 2017, on the topic of Custom Reports and Analytics.

We presented the possibilities of utilizing the Rent Manager API. The presentation centred around the types of questions we get from prospective clients who are all users of Rent Manager property management software.

Rent Manager Tech Tuesday Questions and Responses

Here are the questions and the respective responses.

Question 1 : I have four locations set up in Rent Manager. I want to create consolidated reports of all the locations. Can you help?

Answer : Yes, we can consolidate data from multiple Rent Manager locations to enable consolidated reporting.

Question 2 : I produce reports in Excel for my investors. It takes 8 hours each month! Can you automate the process?

Answer : Yes, we can combine data from multiple reports, do lookups, and compute ratios based on your data in Rent Manager. We can produce compact, visual reports as PDFs or web pages.

Question 3 : I need charts that summarize the key information I need to know. How can you help?

Answer : Yes, we can graphically display data from Rent Manager. Look at trends, do comparative analysis and visualize your data. See this example of the Rent Manager Market Rent Analysis report.

Question 4 : We want to show key metrics on a TV in each property office. Can this be done?

Answer : Yes, key performance indicators (KPI) and other key metrics can be displayed as gauges or simple charts on a TV screen. This will help you align your teams towards the goals and metrics that matter.

Question 5 : We acquired three companies that use different property management systems. Is it possible to do one-click consolidated reporting?

Answer : Yes, we build data pipes and data warehouses to consolidate and harmonize data from multiple sources. See this video.

Question 6 : I see the value of analytics and Moneyball ideas in property management. Where do I start?

Answer : We have published a roadmap for property management companies to utilize analytics. See this video.

Question 7 : One goal is to make serious process improvements in maintenance operations. Can analytics help?

Answer : Yes, we offer a “done for you” analytics service that is applied to making process improvements in your property management company.