Rent Manager Service Manager Analytics

This post refers to a video we published about Rent Manager Service Manager data analytics.

What if you were able to instantly get answers to questions such as these:

  • What types of issues occur most frequently?
  • How much has been spent on air conditioning contractors?
  • How long is it taking us to close service tickets, and what is the trend?
  • Do the technicians handle the same volume of service tickets?

Watch the video below on how to pull data out of Rent Manager Service Manager, analyse it, find opportunities for improving service performance and saving expenses. We have created various charts to provide answers to questions like the ones listed above.

Analysis like this leads to interesting insights, opportunities to reduce expenses, increase the quality of service for tenants and owners.

Rent Manager Service Manager Analytics Video

See our analytics demo in the video.

The above video is also posted on theĀ Youtube channel and also on my personal blogĀ (