Rent Manager Custom Reports

Here are four reasons for getting a Rent Manager custom report developed for your company:

    • The report you want doesn’t exist in Rent Manager.
    • You want to look at your data visually (think interactive charts with trends, averages etc)
    • You want to combine data from Rent Manager and other systems in your reports.
    • You want historical that has since been updated in Rent Manager.
    • Let us will discuss these scenarios in more detail below, with examples.

Report Not Available in Rent Manager

While Rent Manager provides over 200 reports, you might sometimes find that the report you want is not available. For example, a column you want is not available, or you want to include or exclude some types of transactions, or you want to perform some comparisons with previous time periods. This situation is normal as every executive team can have its own way of running its business. A custom Rent Manager report can be developed for such situations.

Visual, Interactive Analytics

If you like to visualize your property business data and ask it questions, Rent Manager custom reporting provides a lot of opportunities. There are powerful data visualization tools, such as Tableau and Power BI, that can be connected to Rent Manager. Refer video below to see what we mean by visual, interactive reporting:

Combine Data from Other Systems

What if you want to see data from your payroll system and from Rent Manager in the same report? What if your marketing spending is not recorded at a campaign level in Rent Manager and you want to see your cost per lead? What if you-you’ve got some targets and forecasts in an Excel sheet, and you want to see how your actuals compare to these targets? These situations would warrant getting a Rent Manager custom report built for you.

Historical Snapshots

Suppose you track how many Service Manager tickets you have open at the end of each month. Or, how many prospects you have in different stages of the sales process. Since the status of tickets or prospects can change over time, it is not simple to recreate what the status was two months ago. If such reporting is important to you, a snapshot of your data can be saved each month. These historical snapshots can be combined with the latest data in the same report to show if you are making progress closing your ticket backlog or converting your prospects.

More About Getting a Rent Manager Custom Report

See this link about Metric-X’s Rent Manager custom report development capabilities and process on this page. On that page is an explanation of our capabilities. Another video on the page describes what you can expect in your initial meeting for custom report development.