What is the Rent Manager API?

An API is a doorway for getting data in and out of a business application. Some software vendors provide APIs that allow information to flow in and out, while others provide an API that only allows data to be pulled out. In this post I will introduce the Rent Manager API.

The Rent Manager property management software has an excellent API. And it allows both pulling data from Rent Manager as well as posting data to Rent Manager. The Rent Manager API enables Rent Manager to integrate with external systems as well as custom developed applications. This way, the Rent Manager API truly opens up Rent Manager to offer a virtually unlimited suite of services.

Examples of Uses of the Rent Manager API

Examples of ways in which the API can be utilized include:

  • Journal entries typed into Excel can be uploaded to Rent Manager for posting using the API
  • Leads captured on a listing website can be uploaded into Rent Manager via the API. You can also add logic for handling duplicates, mismatched email addresses or phone numbers etc.
  • You can use a third-party system for performing a key function, such as managing maintenance services, and automatically share property and tenant data with other system via the Rent Manager API. This way you won’t have to maintain separate lists of tenants and properties in each system. There are many third-party products that work with Rent Manager via the API. You can see the list here.
  • If you are using several sites for listing your properties, such as Craigs List, Free Rental Site, Trulia, Zillow etc., you can have your listings automatically submitted to these sites instead of manually entering them
  • When you require reports that combine data from multiple systems (for example, if you don’t manage payroll or do accounting in Rent Manager), you can use the API to pull data from your Rent Manager and then combine it with data from other systems to create reports.

In other posts, we will discuss more details about the API.