How to decide what to do with analytics

Download the Analytics Value Planner

See a list of 15 different topics that analytics can be applied to, such as :

  • Rent Optimization
  • Expense Analysis
  • Fraud Detection

Use the planner to prioritize the topics of most value to your company.
Get Input from your management team. This tool can help you determine if there is a business case for analytics.

The $100K Meeting

The $100K Meeting is to determine if there is a strong business case for your company to invest in analytics. We will use the Analytics Value Planner and more detailed questionnaires to determine if your portfolio’s performance can be enhanced using analytics.

Ready to create a business case for analytics?

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RentViewer Analytics Workshop

We will work with you to analyze your data on a topic of your choice. This is the fastest way for real estate companies to see results from analytics.