August 28, 2017

Executive Dashboard Overview


  • Connected to your Rent Manager
  • Automated Data Feed
  • Visual, Attractive Displays
  • View from Anywhere
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Mobile Apps
  • Two User Licenses
  • Daily Refresh of Data
  • Customizable

Rent Manager Dashboard Editions

Bronze Edition

  • Lease Expiring in 10, 30, 60 Days
  • Service Manager Issues List (Top 20)
  • Aged Receivables Summary Chart
  • Aged Receivables Breakdown
  • Vacancy %
  • Vacanvy by Unit Type

Silver Edition

  • All Bronze Edition Components
  • "Expenses to Watch" Gauges (4 Accounts)
  • Total Income, Expense, Net Income Gauges
  • Monthly Vacancy Chart
  • Monthly Service Ticket Chart

Optional Add-Ons

  • Filter by Properties, Property Groups
  • Preserve History
  • Add more metrics from Rent Manager
  • Add metrics from Excel files
  • Customize for display on wall TV
  • Add more users

More Dashboards Available

  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Social Media Command Center
  • Leasing Leaderboard

Included in the Bronze and Silver Dashboard

1. Leasing Expiring

A simple chart shows how many leases are expiring in the next 10, 30 and 60 days.

2. Top Service Manager Issues

This table shows 20 issues from Service Manager sorted by Priority and Date Opened. At a glance you can see how long the higher priority issues have remained open.

3. Aged Receivables Summary Chart

A simple elegant "donut chart" enables you to see the portion of Accounts Receivable by aging buckets (Less than 30 Days, 30 to 60 Days, 60 to 90 Days, and Greater Than 90 Days).

4. Aged Receivables by Charge Type

This table shows the amounts in the Accounts Receivable aging buckets for Charge Type.

5. Vacancy %

A guage showing the vacancy percentage. You get to define ranges for Red, Yellow, Green sections of the gauge.

6. Vacancy by Unit Type

This list shows for each unit type the total number of units and the number of units currently vacant.

Included in the Silver Dashboard

7. Rent Loss Due to Vacancy 

The Rent Loss Due to Vacancy indicator shows three pieces of information. The Rent Loss in current month, the Rent Loss in the previous month, and an arrow indicating if the amount has increased or decreased.

8. Expenses to Watch

This is a collection of four gauges of your choosing based on the Rent Manager Budget Comparison Report. The gauges show the Actual amount as well as the Budget amount for the current month. The Actual amount is displayed in bold below the gauge, and the Budget is shown at the boundary of Red and Yellow on the gauge.

9. Income Expense Gauges

These are three gauges displaying data that can be seen in the Rent Manager Profit & Loss report: Total Income, Total Expense, Net Income

10. Vacancy Chart (12 Months)

This chart displays the number of total units and vacant units each month

11. Service Tickets Chart (12 Months)

This chart displays the total number of tickets created in Service Manager for the current month and previous 11 months. This enables you to see the ticket volumes over time.

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