Budget vs Actual With Drill Down

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Blog

Actual vs Budget analysis by property

If your monthly reviews of actual performance against budget  seem to take forever, you’re always asking questions about variances to the budget that your team can never answer immediately, and it seems inevitable that you will request the  same information every month only to get the same response…

It’s time to invest in a better way to access, interrogate and report on your data.

You will discover a simpler, more dynamic way of doing budget vs actual comparisons demonstrated in this video, to speed up your monthly reviews of performance to budget, and enable your team to easily drill down to the underlying causes of budget variances and take corrective action, rapidly.

You’ll see how a data-driven approach can work for you,  including some screenshots from our RentViewer analytics platform, and I’ll offer you a unique opportunity to take the conversation further…

I’m sure you’ll love it…

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