Budget vs Actual With Drill Down

Here is a video demonstrating a simpler, dynamic way of doing budget vs actual reviews. This will speed up your monthly reviews of performance to budget, and enable your team to easily drill down to the underlying causes of budget variances. The benefits of this approach are described below. Some screenshots are also shown below. This has been developed on our RentViewer analytics platform.

Budget vs Actual Example for Property Management



Contrasting RentViewer vs Excel-Based Budget vs Actual Solutions

Here are some features that differentiate RentViewer’s dynamic capabilities for helping property management executives understand variances and bring expenses under control.

Rent Viewer

Excel-Based Method

Visually display variances Yes. Choose from a variety of display formats. Use Excel charts
Show chart and numbers in same view Yes. See screenshot below. Possible, but will be rigid.
Hover over number to reveal more info Yes. This is shown in the demo video. Not possible.
Include / exclude properties from view Simple. Choose from filter panel. Totals get recalculated. Possible but rigid.
Side by side comparisons of months Yes. Pre-build the months to display side by side.
Drill down from summary to transaction detail Yes. This is a great strength. Questions about variances can be answered on the spot. Switch to another spreadsheet or look in property management system
Data preparation effort Can be automated via API connections or database queries. Budgets vs actual analysis can be performed any time, for example after making journal entries. Requires manual effort for each month of data. This limits how often the budget vs actual analysis can be performed.


Budget vs Actual Example Charts

The images below are from the RentViewer demo on budget vs actual analysis for property management companies.

budget vs actual demo property management




budget vs actual property management real estate