Variance Alerts Questionnaire

Which alerts will be useful?

Here are some examples of alerts listed in the questionnaire …

  • Service Tickets still open after 10 days
  • Leases expiring within 30 days
  • Rent payments overdue by 2 days
  • Lease applications with no action taken in past 5 days

Use the questionnaire for identifying the types of alerts that will be useful


Our solutions are built on the RentViewer  software. RentViewer connects to data sources (such as Property Management Systems, other systems and Excel files), collates the data and enables the creation of Executive Dashboards, Custom Reports and Analytical Solutions

Do you have questions and need detailed explanation of how our product could help your businness?

The Property Management Metrics Handbook

Which property management metrics are important to you?

See a list of over 100 metrics for categories such as:

  • Lead Management Metrics
  • Lease Application Metrics
  • Unit Turnover Metrics

Use the Handbook for ideas on metrics that will be useful to your company.
Decide which property management metrics should be tracked and used for setting improvement goals.

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