Visual Reports and Metrics for Rent Manager

Metric-X is a Rent Manager API Partner.

We help property management executives keep an eye on the performance of their properties so that they can take timely action and consistently achieve their monthly goals.

Spend less time collecting and compiling data, and more time making decisions that drive NOI and the metrics that matter to you.


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We have built a separate site for RentViewer. See demos, view our catalog, and learn more about monitoring your property management metrics at




“We had a massive amount of data and no way to organize and analyze it. Metric-X took our data, scrubbed it and gave us some surprising findings that changed the way we marketed throughout the system.”

Todd Neel

Sola Salon Studios

“We have worked with Metric-X since 2012. They developed and maintain our Parking Management software that integrates with Rent Manager. Their quality of work and turnaround time are outstanding. I highly recommend Metric-X.”

Rick McGuirk

General Manager, United Apartments

“Metric-X has saved me hours each month… I no longer need to take the time to pull several reports into a spreadsheet to measure how we are doing. Metric-X’s dashboard automatically combines the data and presents it in an easy-to-read format”

Sherrie Featherly

President, Missoula Property Management

How Would You Like to Extend Rent Manager’s Capabilities?

Combine reports of all Rent Manager Locations

Metric-X’s RentViewer will consolidate data from multiple Rent Manager locations to enable combined reporting and analytics.

Automate monthly report creation

Are you exporting data to Excel and creating reports? Metric-X can save you hours every week by automating the flow of data. 

Visualize data and drill-down to transaction detail

Metric-X connects Rent Manager to Tableau and PowerBI. Look at trends, do comparative analysis and visualize your data.

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on any device

View your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on a phone, tablet or TV. Run productive meetings when your team knows the metrics they are responsible for.

Use a Data Warehouse like the giant companies do

Metric-X builds data pipes and data warehouses to consolidate and harmonize data from many systems, including Rent Manager. Put data in the hands of your team. Drive accountability and performance. 

Make Process Improvements

Learn about our RentFlow Process Improvement Toolkit. Streamline your processes. Scale your business.  Develop a reputation for consistent, reliable execution.

Ready to Talk?

Hi! I am Saad Shah, founder of Metric-X.

My company helps Rent Manager users extend the capabilities of Rent Manager through the Rent Manager API. Let’s talk about how we can help your team stay on up to date on the metrics they are responsible for.

The fastest way to get started is to give me a call at 248-495-4925, or book an appointment. The button below will bring up my calendar.

RentViewer Analytics Examples

Metric-X will custom build such analytics for you to analyze expenses, compare properties, optimize rent, detect fraud and understand your tenants.

Expense Analysis

Geographic Analysis

General Ledger Transaction Analytics

Service Manager Tickets

Market Rent Analysis

Display Metrics on Dashboards

Property Management Dashboard

Social Media Command Center

Leasing Leader Board

Google Analytics Metrics

The Property Management Metrics Handbook

Use the Handbook for ideas on metrics that will be useful to your company.

Decide which property management metrics should be tracked and used for setting improvement goals.

We have built a separate site for RentViewer. See demos, view our catalog, and learn more about monitoring your property management metrics at